Pulsed Lavage


Pulsed Lavage

The application of Pulsed Lavage has been clinically proven to be essential for both orthopaedic procedures and wound debridement.  In arthroplasty, bone bed cleaning with Pulsed Lavage is a key aspect to the long-term survival of the prosthesis. In wound debridement, it effectively removes more than 90% of the necrotic tissues, contaminant and bacteria and consequently reduces infections rates.

BioJet is a fully disposable battery powered pulsed lavage system. It is an ergonomic designed, low noise, lightweight design, which offers sufficient power output to cater for all orthopaedic and trauma applications, while also being suitable for soft tissue debridement.


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Product Description

  • Battery Operated – just ‘spike and go’.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable ‘high’ or ‘low’ flow settings to suit trauma, elective surgery and wound debridement.
  • Wide range of disposable tip options, including soft cone, femoral canal and femoral brush.
  • Integrated suction tubing.
  • High quality sterile moulded plastic packaging for ease of use.
  • Premium quality without the premium price!



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