Aquarius TT

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Aquarius TT

Laborie’s flagship product represents total customization for the most discerning center of excellence or academic environment. Wireless capability encrypted to deliver unsurpassed fidelity for EMG and Video Urodynamics – including both video and non video systems. Video capabilities include rapid intelligent data acquisition without ever missing a key event. Seamless operation enables clinician to focus on the patient while ensuring high speed sampling for up to 16 channels. Simultaneously monitors bladder and X-Ray plus a multi-window display capability for multiple room viewing.

Each system is wireless with industrial PC technology as well as optional laptop, customized to fulfill the specific needs of its users. Seamless output options to ensure HL7 and EMR integration. Other upgrade options: Anorectal Manometry with a 360o ultrasound probe, multiple EMG channels with audio output.  For the physician or center that wants total diagnostic power, and the need to have technology that reflects their expertise.

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Product Description


  • Flexible system that meets your desired footprint requirements. Choose from multiple wall-mounted large flat panels to display live data both in the testing room and in the viewing station.
  • Compatible with water, air-charged, or electronic pressure transducers, contains enough ports to allow multiple simultaneous transducer connections to save setup time.
  • Extensive testing capabilities where Ultra High Speed sampling (up to 5000 Hz) meets the most demanding protocols and assists in differentiating S3 and S4.
  • Highly durable, shock-mounted Uroflowmeter enhances accuracy at low flow rates.
  • Backed by LABORIE’s outstanding service program.


  • Displays up to 16 channels on one test screen for all ICS standardized tests.
  • Keep all test data secure with built-in security features.
  • Video image capturing capabilities.

Priority access to LABORIE’s software development team.



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