Orthopaedic Supports

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Orthopaedic Supports

VertiBaX™ have revolutionized the management of non invasive joint pain relief, with their range of active joint supports, sensory belts, back pain relief and joint wraps. The Vertibax joint pain relief products, target lower back pain, wrist pain, elbow pain as well as knee and ankle pain; not only offering increased mobility and pain relief, but by promoting rehabilitation after injury.

VertiBaX™ offer Healthcare and Active Support

We offer various products to help with ankle pain such as ankle supports that will provide you with ankle pain relief. Other supports will give you knee, leg, back, elbow pain relief and general joint pain relief.

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Product Description

Healthcare Products – Sensory Belts and Joint Sensory Wraps

Healthcare Products enhance rehabilitation after injury. Joint sensory wraps are available for the wrist, elbow, ankle and knee and the sensory belt works on the body’s core muscles to bring lower back pain relief. The sensory products use natural body heat to keep muscles warm and relaxed, without overheating and sweating. They also:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Can be worn all day every day
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Relieve lower back and joint pain
  • Increase blood flow around joints
  • Enhance rehabilitation following injury

Active Joint Supports

Active joint supports enhance prevention of injury and are worn on the lower back, wrist, elbow, ankle or knee during activity. The VertiBaX™ joint supports strengthen and support joints during activity, allowing for a higher level of exercise, without causing further damage or injury to the protected body area.

Combining the benefits of the Healthcare sensory belts and wraps and Active Supports for joints and back brings:

  • Relief from joint and back pain
  • Faster recovery after injury
  • An ability to exercise for longer



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