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LockDown™ ACJ Ligament

The most effective solution for ACJ reconstructions

The LockDown™ device is a polyester surgical mesh device designed to provide fixation during the healing process following a syndesmotic trauma, such as acromioclavicular separation due to coracoclavicular ligament disruption. This surgical mesh is used for acromioclavicular joint or coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction.

With over 4,500 implantations realized over a 10 year period across International markets, this product offers excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction combined with a simple reproducible surgical technique. The LockDown™ device is CE marked and has gained FDA approval in February 2011.

This simple procedure requires little or no physiotherapy. The patients’s arm is supported by a sling at 2 weeks post operatively, and the most enduring activities (including contact sports) can be resumed at 12 weeks.

LockDown™ is designed and manufactured by Mandaco 569 Ltd. (trading as Surgicraft).

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Product Description

LockDown™ provides fixation following AC separation due to coraco-clavicular ligament disruption.

  • Unique device to address common problem in upper limb surgery,
  • Over 4500 implantations, over a 10 year period across international markets,
  • Strong construct: 1730 N tensile strength,
  • Double braided polyester ligament with patented weave which acts as a scaffold,
  • encouraging soft tissue in-growth,
  • Designed with soft loop at one end to resist coracoid process wear,
  • Allows natural rotation and movement of the clavicle,
  • Early mobilization at 2 weeks and quick rehabilitation: sling @ 2/52, light sports
  • @ 8/52 & contact sport @ 12/52,
  • Quick and simple procedure,
  • Simple instrumentation for reproducible results
  • Quick and simple compared to other procedures

Product Documents

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  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • LockDown Brochure - Welsh International Rugby Testimonal

Clinical Documents

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  • ACJ dislocation; diagnosis and management
  • Histology Reports on LockDown: Case Studies
  • Stabilisation of ACJ dislocation using 'Surgilig' technique
  • Stabilisation of Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocations Using 'Surgilig' Technique
  • Histology of the tissue response to the LockDown augmentation device
  • Preliminary Results Of The 'Surgilig™, Synthetic Ligament In The Management Of Chronic Acromioclavicular Joint Disruption
  • Antero posterior position of the laterical clavicle following ACJ reconstructions using the Surgilig
  • Reconstruction of Chronic ACJ Dislocation Using Braided Polyester

Surgical Techniques

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  • LockDown Surgical Technique


LockDown Surgical Technique

Antero-Posterior Position of the Lateral Clavicle Following AC Joint Reconstruction - Richard Heasley

A Clavicle, ACJ and SCJ specific Patient Reported Outcome Measure

Prof. Wallace Chronic ACJ reconstruction using braided polyester prosthetic mesh, comparison with Weaver-Dunn

Peter Hughes LockDown in AC Joint Instability- Why, When, How



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